Lobelia Bungalow

Hempcrete Construction
Slab on grade, passive solar

Lobelia Bungalow

Single family residence near Hillsboro WV.


This home is constructed with hempcrete. Hempcrete is a biocomposite material composed of hemp fiber and a lime based binder. For more detailed information on hempcrete see our blog post. The hempcrete on this project was cast in place. The walls are 12" thick and extend from the foundation up to the bottom of the trusses. 2x4 studs on 24" centers sit at the center of the wall, serving to transfer the roof load to the foundation. Hempcrete forms a monolithic wall assembly, replacing the batt insulation, drywall, OSB sheathing, and siding that would be used in a conventional stick built house. Both the inside and outside of the hempcrete walls are finished with 2 layers of lime based plaster.


The structure is built into a hillside to the North and has full exposure and a partial basement on the South side. A slab on grade with in-floor hydronic radiant heat conditions the main level. Supplemental passive solar heating was achieved by orienting the house due south and adding extra glazing to the south wall. Overhangs were designed to prevent overheating in the summertime.


  • Heat pump water heater provides domestic hot water
  • A concrete cistern was installed in the hillside above the house to provide gravity fed water