At Seven Rivers Design + Build, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the quality of our construction. Although we are proud to continue the tradition of fine craftsmanship that we have inherited from past generations, our approach to client services embraces the innovative technology of the 21 st Century.

Throughout our design build process, collaboration with the client is at the forefront of our approach. Using specialized software we are able to keep clients apprised of the status of their projects in real time. Using a portal on our website, they can find information about upcoming materials choices such as such tile, fixtures or paint colors—critical decisions that must be made in a timely fashion in order to keep the project on schedule. Although in-person consultations are still an important aspect of our interactions with clients, this streamlined approach is a highly efficient way to keep things on track without requiring multiple meetings. Putting material choices and pricing information in one place reduces the potential for miscommunication keeps everyone on the same page as projects progress.

This system also benefits SRDB by giving us very accurate data about the time and money spent on each project, enabling us to price and schedule jobs more accurately.