The typical custom residential project, or commercial project for that matter, involves multiple players. A client contracts with an architect and begins the process of designing the home. The architect may not be able to tell the client exactly how much certain design considerations will affect the overall cost, or the effect potential design concepts might have on the constructability of the building. 

Once the home is designed, the project is usually put out to bid by multiple contractors. The architect may or may not help with this process, often not. Maybe they recommend a builder. Either way, the process is fragmented, and the incentives don't always line up with the best interests of the client. 

The design build approach streamlines this process, by bringing the design phase and the build phase together under the purview of one entity. The result gives clients a better idea of the cost implications of their design decisions and better advice regarding the impact of modifications as their project evolves. The designers are also experienced construction practitioners. At Seven Rivers Design + Build, emphasis is also placed on the energy efficiency of the finished product, which will provide long-term savings to the client.

Seven Rivers Design + Build has a track record of quality construction, aesthetic distinction, and smart design. The fact that we have the capability to implement all aspects of a project reduces the number of decisions the client has to make. Because design and construction are approached in an integrated way, there is less chance that that designs will have to be revised midstream.